Resident Horror (1970) Full Movie

Resident Horror
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Watch Resident Horror (1970) : Full Movie Online The Super Police Action Rescue Squad (S.P.A.R.S) is the pride of Badger City. However, the S.P.A.R.S. quickly find themselves in a situation that was not covered by their training; trapped in a mansion where the dead have come back to life and the multi-billion dollar Parasol Corporation is doing everything it can to cover it up. What terrible secret is the company trying to hide and how does it tie into the mysterious events that occured in Quiet Knoll six months prior? Lock your doors, conserve your ammo, and rearrange your creepy animal statues into a vaguely logical pattern because the horror is coming home in this 100% original, 100% fan-made Resident Evil parody from X-strike Studios!

Title Resident Horror
Release Date Jan 01, 1970
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